We bring an alternative approach to architecture and design. We call it “Upward Thinking,” and we believe it’s what sets our clients’ projects apart. Read More
Our people set us apart in a big way. Each one brings a unique background and talent set to every project. That means more creativity, inspiration, and solutions for your project. Read More
We specialize in K12 architecture, and our approach is starkly different from most; our modern designs seek to directly improve the educational experience for both students and teachers by supporting your school's approach to education. Read More
Our approach to Higher Ed architecture aims to reflect the dynamic environment of your university. We know that colleges must operate as both a business and a school, and our designs seek to support that. Read More
We have decades of experience with healthcare architecture. Our designs seek to provide a refreshing and impactful experience for everyone who comes in contact with your facility. Read More

We turn big ideas into beautiful, functional spaces, but our vision goes beyond architecture. Our true passion is improving the lives of the people around us. That’s what drives the next level of innovation and creativity for us and our clients.

Our firm - two CMBA employees

Our staff is as unique as the buildings we design.

Our team of people brings a wide range of interests, skills and backgrounds to every project. That means more creativity, more forward-thinking ideas, and more concrete solutions. When our people put their minds together, amazing things happen!


It’s not what we do, it’s who we do it for.

Our expertise is in K12, Higher Ed, and Healthcare architecture and design. Every one of these projects starts with the end user in mind. This primary objective has us laser-focused on providing the best possible experience for everyone who interacts with, and makes use of, the spaces we design, whether that’s someone waiting in a lobby, working behind a desk, or teaching a class. We believe the spaces we design have a very real impact on people’s satisfaction and well-being.


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Our focus on four key areas ensures we’re here for you—from the planning phase, to design & construction—all the way through to the critical finishing touches.


Join our hosts, Brian and Skyler, as we cover various architectural topics and the sectors we serve, including healthcare, education, senior living and more.



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Pros and Cons of the Open-Plan Revolution

Open-plan office designs have emerged as a transformative trend in modern workspaces in recent years. Credited for its potential to foster collaboration and innovation, this architectural approach has been adopted by numerous organizations across various industries. However, as with any significant change, the open-plan office has its own advantages and challenges. In this article, we want to delve into the intricacies of this design trend and discuss actionable insights into how it impacts employee collaboration, productivity and well-being.


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Designing to Recruit Top Talent

Did you know that the current national unemployment rate is 3.6 percent, with our region averaging only 2.5 percent? The last time it was this low was in December of 1969! With a multitude of available opportunities across the job market, a shift has occurred. Job candidates are now in the powerful position of selecting their employer. The natural question then arises: what should business owners be doing to stand out and attract top talent in such a competitive market? As with most things in the world of business, there is no cookie-cutter answer. Plenty of contributing factors exist. For example, your company's purpose and culture are very key drivers in the job market. But today we'll be looking at an aspect of hiring that many overlook. The physical space that potential employees will work in. We believe that companies should heavily consider designing spaces that remain consistent with their mission and facilitate the diverse job functions that reside in their workplace in order to recruit and retain top talent. So, if a company’s mission statement includes wellness commitments but doesn't allow for natural light and fresh air in the workplace, high quality job candidates will take note of this discrepancy. But there's more to it than that... Ready to learn more about what constitutes an attractive environment for high quality talent? Keep reading!


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Applying Color Psychology in Senior Living Interiors

Have you ever wondered how the color of a room might impact the mood and well-being of seniors living in it? It turns out that colors can offer more than purely aesthetic benefits. They play a crucial role in boosting cognitive functions and even help to manage stress and anxiety.  The right choice of colors in senior living environments can beautify the space and provide emotional and psychological support, enhancing the daily lives and overall well-being of residents.


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