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It’s not enough to simply design for today. If your organization expects to remain in the same facility for years to come, future growth must be anticipated. That’s why we offer dynamic, long-term planning in line with your goals for the present and the future.

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Master Planning Maximizes Your Facility

Needs change over time. Hopefully your success is fueling that change, but perhaps your needs are changing with advancements in technology, industry trends or demographics. Many of our clients have experienced these shifts and now work from multiple facilities or campuses.

The Power of a Functional Master Plan
Professionals at CMBA Architects employ Upward Thinking organized around three simple steps to help owners gain a longer view of their future facilities. These same simple steps translate perfectly to school districts, college campuses, senior living providers, hospitals and beyond.

Change Keeps You Operating at Your Best
It’s normal to prioritize changes that need to be addressed immediately, but many of our clients see the value in a long-term plan to updating or changing their facilities. Wherever you are in the process, a master plan will help get you there.

Simple is Often Better
The best plans are simple, flexible and inexpensive because master plans are often phased over a number of years. When implementing phases in the future, there is a very good chance your needs will have evolved from what you know today. However, it’s not one size fits all – our approach is always customized to your needs and will involve space utilization studies, program condition assessments, and projections of future needs and will help define phases and projecting costs.

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