Higher Education Architecture

specialty / higher education

While the way that universities operate is changing, we see an opportunity to create designs that improve the student experience, as well as your bottom line.

Specialty / Higher Education


The education of your students is the primary focus of our approach and is fueled by our unique design philosophy, Upward Thinking. This philosophy embodies our student-first mentality for colleges and helps deliver on our promise to a create a better experience for students and faculty.



We Listen to Your
Pedagogical Approach

Understanding your students and the way your university approaches education is our priority at the beginning of the design process. We seek to discover your desired educational outcomes and make sure that our designs match the needs of your students and curriculum.



We Review Your
Business Plan

We know that your university must function as a business in addition to being a school. With increasing competition among institutions, we prioritize working within your capital management plan to design architecture that stands out from the rest and meets your needs.



We Look at
the Facts

We evaluate the current facility conditions including the useful lifespan of your buildings and your current space utilization. In some cases, we’ve found that just repurposing the space you have can solve many problems and address your needs in an effective way.

the way
we work

Collaboration is Critical to our Approach

We value input from your staff, administration, students and community. Our collaborative process with your educational professionals and students helps us determine the right pedagogical method. We know that your students are the heartbeat of your college and your student body culture is something that makes your university unique. That’s why we see no substitute for receiving input directly from students. The insight into their needs is invaluable and helps us to design spaces specifically with your students in mind.

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