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We aim to design interiors that are beautiful, functional, and stand the test of time. Your interior tells the story of you and your organization. What will yours say?

Our Services / Interior Design

Our diverse team brings unique perspectives to the design process.
Interior Spaces are Equally as Important as the Exterior
Our team of interior designers collaborate with our architects using our Upward Thinking approach. This collaboration results in vibrant, attractive, and lasting designs that enhance how people live, work and play. Interior design speaks to your organization and your values. Does your space need to say successful? Youthful, fun and relevant? Caring? We will work so your vision and mission show in every space. Together we want to help your healthcare environment enhance healing, your classroom inspire learning, your senior care facility improve the quality of life, and your business environment be more collaborative and profitable. We want your facility to be uniquely yours and say something about who you are and what you value.
Interior Design Services

Space Planning
Textiles, Materials and Color
Establishing Furniture and Finish Standards
Furniture, Fixture and Accessories Planning and Procurement
Wayfinding and Signage
Project Administration Sustainability
Renovation and Interior Design Updates
Health and Safety Codes
Facility Finish Master Planning

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Decoding the Elements of Collaborative Spaces

Today’s world is light years from the one Steve Jobs inhabited. You hear about the importance of collaboration everywhere. Business, research, and especially higher education. It’s the way the world works today. But collaboration is not something you can dictate to people. You can’t say “now go and collaborate.” Instead the space design has to foster collaboration by embracing several key principals

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