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Bond Resources Give Schools More Opportunity
Schools are an important part of any community. By educating our children, schools lay the foundation for the future. Residents of communities support their schools in many different ways, but when it comes time to renovate, expand or build a new educational facility, how does a school district fund that project? One way is through the use of bond issue referendums.

Why are Bonds Necessary?
A bond provides a financial avenue for school districts to meet an immediate, specified need. A bond issue is voted on by members of the community (requirements for passage vary by state). If the bond passes, then members of the community will fund the project through taxes for a specified time period.

Expertise With Bond Issue Planning
This is where our deep experience really becomes an asset. We have helped numerous clients with bond elections and/or fundraising efforts by:

Bond Promotion Services

Space utilization studies
Facility assessments
Long range plans, visuals and cost-projections
Guide committee formation
Create a campaign schedule
Communicate with your staff, school board, and community
Create informational marketing materials
Provide a customized website tool
Develop social media content


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