The Race for Students

Trends are indicating that we will see a gradual decline (from 2010 to 2030) in the number of high school students graduating in the Midwest, specifically in Iowa. This makes the race for students at the collegiate level even more competitive. Projects are aimed at attracting a greater share of those students and attracting students,…[Read More]

Defining Roles in a Bond Election

One of the many important ingredients to a successful bond vote is defining the Superintendent’s role in the promotional efforts. No one knows the District and its needs better than the Superintendent. The Superintendent is typically in the best position to have a comprehensive understanding of the needs, opportunities, challenges, shortcomings and local politics of…[Read More]

Sorting an Omelet

Remember when the truck came down the street and put items from your green recycling tote into the correct compartment on the truck? That’s called “curb sort recycling.” And if you had something that was not recyclable they would leave it in your tote with a note. That’s how we learned what was acceptable –…[Read More]

Innovative Sustainable Products

The REALLY BIG movement for sustainable design started in the early 2000’s and the product reps streamed into our office with the latest sustainable product.  Innovation, however was mostly about reinventing existing products into more sustainable products.  How can paint be made with less outgassing?  How can carpet use more recycled content?  How can more…[Read More]

I Have a Dream…

Every architect’s dream is to work on a signature project that will make a difference in the world.  When that opportunity presented itself, CMBA | Smith Metzger jumped at the chance to be part of the Global CommUnity Center. A vision of community activist, Dennis Kelly, the center is dedicated to people from around the…[Read More]