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Can Design Help Address Clinical Burnout?

Clinician burnout is a real problem that’s been growing steadily for many years now. Can clinic design help curb it?

Pros & Cons of Renovating an Existing Building

One option is to find an existing building and renovate it to suit your needs. Like any major project, there are pros and cons to renovating.

Does Modernizing Your School Pay Off?

Schools throughout Iowa, Nebraska and the country are being updated at an increasing rate. But that begs the question—is modernizing a school worth it?

Single-Purpose Campus Building is a Thing of the Past

As colleges and universities continue to evolve to meet the needs of students, we’ve noticed 3 trends when it comes to updating physical space on campus.

Innovative Approaches to Medical Facility Funding

As budgets get tighter & government funding shrinks, more & more medical facilities are finding additional funding – but not in the way you may expect.

Hazardous Drugs and New Safety Regulations

Changes in regulations and safety protocols, when it comes to hazardous drugs, require innovative design approaches to meet new USP 800 standards.

The Pros and Cons of Building New

Moving locations is exciting. At the top of the list: Do we find an existing building and renovate it to meet our needs? Or do we build something new?

Engaging & Communicating with Your Community Ahead of Needing Their Support

When it comes time to renovate or expand school buildings, the community is often the primary source of funding. Communication is key.

The Campus as a Mini City – Applying City Planning Techniques to Your Campus

The design of university and college campuses has evolved greatly over the last 100 years. As students’ needs shift, so must campus design.

What’s Your Architectural Style?

When deciding on a style for a new building, there are numerous factors that influence …

Preparing Your School for Joint Use: Education + Community

Building or renovating K12 schools for joint education and community use is a great way to get the community onboard with raising the funds needed for your project.

Evolving Rural Care: State-of-the-Art Hospitals in Small Towns

Rural hospitals face many challenges. As we work on projects across Iowa and Nebraska, we …

Embracing Neutral Space in Your Office

In architecture, we all love incredible design – spaces that are unique, ownable and really …

Is Healthcare Ready for a New Generation of Digital Patients?

With the rapid advancement of technology over the past 20 years, Generation Z (defined as …

Understanding How Generation Z Occupies Space

So much has been written about Millennials, but as they begin to age out of …

3 Ways to Incorporate Sustainability into Campus Buildings

For decades, college students and college campuses in general have led sustainability efforts. Of course, …