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Athletic Facility Upgrades for the Modern School

We hear a lot about indoor spaces at schools being renovated, but there isn’t always …

How Imaginary Architecture Inspires Real Projects

When The Incredibles 2 hit theaters recently, there was a lot of talk in architecture …

The Importance of Physical Space in a Digital World

It’s no secret the world is becoming more and more digital focused. With that shift, …

The Shift from Inpatient to Outpatient is Changing Space Needs

In healthcare, it’s no secret that outpatient care is beginning to outpace inpatient care. More …

Passing Bond Measures for Needed Improvements

In Iowa and Nebraska, we just went through a round of bond measures on spring ballots or in special elections. These bond measures are often the primary means for K12 schools to get the funding needed for updates and improvements.

Advancing the Campus Technology Agenda

Higher education has always relied on innovation. From compressed schedules to semesters abroad, determining new and unique methods to teach students has always been a staple of college and university learning.

The Artistic Side of Architecture

Like every industry, architecture has become more and more digital based. We have software and other technology that help create building renderings and give clients a really clear idea of what their project will look like.

Keeping Things Casual for Summer

Summer is almost here and it’s a great time to enhance company culture and let employees know they’re valued. For most companies, including CMBA, the “official” start of summer is Memorial Day weekend—and it’s a great time to try a more casual atmosphere for your employees.

Shelter from the Storm

School safety is on the mind of every teacher, parent, administrator, and student. While the reason for safety can vary, this time of year the focus almost always turns to weather—in particular keeping students, teachers and staff safe through tornado season.

3 Things a CEO Can Do to Lead a Great Building Project

The CEO or President of a company has a tremendous number of responsibilities. When embarking on a project to build a new office space or company headquarters, it can seem like the project takes over and is the only thing on your plate. But in reality, all of the other responsibilities are still there.

What the Healthcare Industry is Learning from Hospitality

As healthcare continues to make advances and specialized medical centers and clinics continue to grow, there’s much that the healthcare industry can learn from the hospitality industry. Here are three areas where we see opportunity.

Merging Old & New Architecture in Campus Buildings

One of the challenges colleges and universities face when adding or updating facilities is ensuring a cohesive feel throughout the campus. Often times existing structures are 100 years old (or more), so incorporating a new building with modern materials presents unique opportunities to merge the old with the new.

Meet Courtney

It’s a common theme here at CMBA to have grown up around construction or architecture. …

4 Trends for the Clinic of the Future

The way we receive medical care is changing. The future of healthcare is available now. And as clinics continue to evolve, we see these trends leading the way…

Designing College & University Spaces for Technical Learning

Traditional classrooms at colleges and universities around the world have been designed as “stand-and-deliver, sit-and-listen” spaces. Colleges and Universities are now more and more focused on designing spaces for technical learning. Read more.

Transforming Older Schools for 21st Century Learning

From a design perspective, there isn’t one specific model for planning the transformation of an older school. We find that every school—and therefore every project—is unique.