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Eric builds tons of LEGO creations with his son, he loves playing volleyball, and is fascinated with naval architecture. Eric also builds really cool scale models!

When we asked him what his favorite memory at CMBA, he told us: “I’ll just say, make sure you always have a spare pair of pants with you, you never know when you’ll need them!” We aren’t sure what he’s implying, but it’s not terrible advice…

He wanted to be an architect for as long as he can remember. But to him, architecture is about more than just designing buildings in his community; it’s a way of giving back to it. In his own words, “Architecture is all about space and the interaction of people with that space. As a designer, we have the opportunity to create spaces that engage, excite and inspire others!”

Here’s something near and dear

to our hearts at CMBA: Eric brings donuts to meetings! He tells us that not only are they delicious, but donuts have a way of relaxing people – and relaxed people have an easier time thinking.

Eric is exciting, passionate, and a bit of a creative genius. (We’re not just saying that because of the donuts he brought in last Monday!)

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