Glass as a Design Tool for Creating more People-Oriented Environments

While easy to overlook, glass is a powerful design tool that, if used strategically, can have some profound effects on your architecture. Glass gives architects and business owners a means of creating more dynamic and human-centric environments that feel authentic to their brand, while leaving room for growth and innovation. Beyond design and aesthetic though,…[Read More]

Acoustic Considerations for K12 Schools

Communication is a predominant component of classroom learning. The ability to recognize spoken word is, unsurprisingly, critical for the cognitive process. But what does that have to do with the design of your school? Studies consistently reveal that student retention and performance rank higher in an academic setting that minimizes background noise and reverberation. Programs…[Read More]

Designing for Mental Health in the Emergency Room

Emergency rooms are hectic. As a point of first access for patients, they’re responsible for handling an unbelievably diverse range of illnesses with differing levels of severity. But that’s not to say that there aren’t trends and commonalities. Quite to the contrary; more and more hospitals are seeing the need to tackle behavioral health problems…[Read More]

What the Shift to Virtual Learning Could Mean for the Future of Higher Ed Design

COVID-19 is transforming many aspects of life, and higher education is no exception. As crisis-driven “experiments” begin launching, we should be collecting data and paying attention to the affect on higher education’s business model and the accessibility of quality higher education to discover when and how our designs should pivot. Do Students Really Need a…[Read More]

Visual Communication: A Critical Element of Your Campus Back-to-School Plan

As colleges plan for classes this fall – online, in classrooms, or a hybrid of both – those that opt for some form of in-person instruction will need to deliver it safely. In order to do that, universities will need to follow health guidelines and communicate information effectively and clearly through signage and other techniques…[Read More]