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Meet Brenda Nelson, AIA, LEED AP, one of our resident architects and a design aficionado. Once poised to enlighten young minds about the wonders of agriculture, Brenda’s path took a creative detour into the world of architecture.

Brenda is often found immersed in a good book, capturing the world through her camera lens, or planning her next travel adventure, each playing a role in shaping her creative process at work. Brenda loves the magic of turning concepts into effective living and working environments, sharing our belief that the built environment can significantly enhance our lives. Brenda’s design philosophy is simple: make everyday interactions with our surroundings uplifting—a passion rooted in her deep empathy and understanding of human needs.

Her team members appreciate her eye for detail and her ability to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Whether she’s drafting blueprints or discussing color palettes, Brenda is all about crafting spaces that inspire.

We’re thrilled to have Brenda’s visionary mind shaping the spaces and experiences at CMBA Architects!

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