April 22, 2020

Our People-First Approach to Healthcare Design

Our People-First Approach to Healthcare Design

Every Healthcare Facility we design starts with the who. Focusing on both understanding and actually providing the best possible experiences for those you serve. Your staff, visitors, and of course, your patients. It’s important to us that we promote and enrich the health and well-being of those we serve. In this post, we’d like to dive into what that looks like in some more detail.

Designing for Patients

Patients need spaces that allow for privacy and encourage healing. And when designing for patient experience, it’s important that we’re paying attention to the details. From the flow of the layout and size of your patient rooms, to the fit and finish of chosen materials. Our aim is for all of this to promote a positive experience for your patients. But it doesn’t stop there…

Visitors & Staff

Visitors aren’t an afterthought. Afterall, some of them may be spending nearly as much time there as your patients. For this reason, we think it’s important that they have thoughtfully designed spaces that are warm, inviting, and comfortable. Whether for a quick visit or a longer stay. And the same goes for your staff. We know that your doctors, nurses and staff are critical to your operation. And for them we design spaces that are both functional and efficient. Our goal is to create an environment that keeps your employees engaged and looking forward to working every day.

Listening to Needs

Because we design spaces with the end user in mind, your patients and staff are very important considerations for us. Whether it’s waiting in a warm, welcoming lobby – or having calming artwork on the walls. Our physical space truly has an impact on the satisfaction and well-being of the patient.
Ultimately, our goal at CMBA is to listen to and design for your needs. Our philosophies truly align when it comes to healthcare functionality and design. It’s not what we do, it’s who we do it for. Paying attention to the needs of you, your patients, and your staff helps us design remarkable healthcare facilities.

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