April 26, 2020

We Believe that Listening Leads to Better K12 Architecture. Here's Why.

We Believe that Listening Leads to Better K12 Architecture. Here's Why.

K12 Schools often share many characteristics. But their needs are far from identical. As rudimentary as it seems, we think that investing the time to actually listen to a school’s students, staff, and community makes the difference–at least in part–between a wildly successful project and disappointment. Because of this, we make listening a priority at the start of every K12 project we take on.

Why Listening Is So Important To Us.

Understanding you, your curriculum, and the needs of your students and faculty is critical. That’s why we make a point to ask key questions at the beginning. The answers you give help shape the future of the project. Without truly understanding your school, designing a facility that keeps you happy for decades is virtually impossible.

Designing For Your Education

Education is the first and foremost focus in our approach. Our collaborative process with your educational professionals will help us determine the right pedagogical method. We do this using the language of education, understanding curriculum needs, and facilitating your staff’s journey.
Through forums, online surveys and visioning workshops, we listen to your staff/administration, students and community. We want to hear your ideas.

Our design solutions are derived from the input and “findings” that we receive from all parties involved. Listening with the intent to understand helps us create an educational environment that’s perfect for your students.

Your Students Have a Voice

We know that your students are the heartbeat of your schools. And your student body culture is something that makes your District special. So, we take the time to listening and work directly with your students. This allows for invaluable insight into their needs. Listening to your students helps us designing spaces with your students in mind.

Listening To Your Community

On the surface, it might appear as though your project is simply about what you need. However, it will never become a reality unless it’s also what your community wants. We ask the community what is important to them through surveys and focus groups – let your Community have buy-in for prioritizing the needs you have established.

A lot of good comes from listening. And it’s a crucial part of the CMBA design process. Want to talk to us about your needs? Give us a call! We’d love to hear about your project.


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