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Headshot of CMBA Architect Matt Fremstad

Matt Fremstad


people / architects Matt Fremstad about me Architect NCARB Contact Matt Matt is a joy to be around. His personal motto is, “keep a positive

Headshot of CMBA Architect, Mackenzie Ashland

Mackenzie Ashland

Architectural Designer

people / architects Mackenzie Ashland about me Architectural Designer Associate AIA Contact Mackenzie Mackenzie is an amazing collaborator and a real creative. Every day is

Headshot of CMBA Architect, Shane Labenz

Shane Labenz

Architectural Designer

people / architects Shane Labenz about me Architectural Designer Associate AIA Contact Shane He’s fun, light-hearted, and when he was 10 years old either wanted

Headshot of CMBA Architect, Steve Getz

Steve Getz

Senior Architect

people / architects Steve Getz about me Senior Architect AIA, LEED AP Contact Steve Steve’s personal motto is: “It could be worse… it could be

Headshot of CMBA Architect, Lee Beukelman

Lee Beukelman


people / architects Lee Beukelman about me Architect AIA Contact Lee Lee Beukelman loves adventure! Some of his favorite things are backpacking and riding motorcycles.

Headshot of CMBA Principal Architect, Kent Lutz

Kent Lutz

Principal Architect

people / architects Kent Lutz about me Principal Architect AIA, LEED AP Contact Kent Kent Lutz has a fantastic sense of humor and is tons

Headshot of CMBA, Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

Architectural Designer

people / architects Julio Muñoz about me Architectural Designer Contact Julio As a first-generation college student, Julio was inspired by his father who designed and

Headshot of CMBA Architect Joe Copley

Joe Copley


people / architects Joe Copley about me Architect AIA Contact Joe You won’t see Joe sitting for very long; he loves to move! He’s into

Headshot of CMBA Architect, Todd Campbell

Todd Campbell


people / architects Todd Campbell about me Architect AIA, LEED AP BD+C Contact Todd He seems to have an endless amount of energy. Don’t believe

Headshot of CMBA Principal Architect Troy Keilig

Troy Keilig

Principal Architect

people / architects Troy Keilig about me Principal Architect AIA Contact Troy Troy loves Volkswagens. In fact, he actually has a goal of restoring one