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Bond Promotion/Fundraising

Passing Bond Measures for Needed Improvements

In Iowa and Nebraska, we just went through a round of bond measures on spring ballots or in special elections. These bond measures are often the primary means for K12 schools to get the funding needed for updates and improvements.

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Shelter from the Storm

Adding storm shelters come with added cost. If you are thinking about a new facility, it’s important to start the conversation.


K12 Buildings Can Change People

Winston Churchill says, “We shape our buildings and afterward our buildings shape us.” So how does that apply to campus architecture?”

Sioux Center High School, Media Center

Remaking Media Centers

Education is collaborative and focused on the individual. Learn why it’s important to understand these factors when designing media centers.

Interior Design

Changes in Education

With changes in education and how students learn today, school districts need to consider if their spaces are flexible for learning, just as they consider curriculum and teaching methods.

Bond Promotion/Fundraising

The Power of an Image

It’s true, a picture can be worth a thousand words, but those “words” can hurt you or help you when it comes to bond referendums