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Digital design rendering of Northwestern Bank, Corporate Office Building Exterior

Client / Northwest Bank

CorporateOffice Building Spencer, IA client / Northwest Bank Northwest Bank Corporate Office at a glance 2020 completed 38,110 square feet $9.73m cost The new corporate

Exterior of Interstates Control Systems Facility

Client / Interstates

InterstatesControl Systems Sioux Center, IA client / interstates Interstates Control Systems at a glance 2019 completed 45,000 square feet $9.42m cost Interstates’ staff was spread

Exterior of Minburn Communications building

Client / Minburn Communications

client / minburn communications Minburn Communications Woodward, IA Minburn Communications at a glance 2019 completed 4,100 square feet $1.0m cost This building includes a welcoming

Night exterior of Diamond Vogel Powder Plant

Client / Powder Plant

client / diamond vogel paints Powder Plant Orange City, IA Powder Plant at a glance 2020 completed $2.9m cost 9,857 square feet Lorem ipsum dolor

Lobby of Grape Tree Medical Staffing building

Client / GrapeTree Medical Staffing

GrapeTree Medical Staffing Milford, IA client / grapetree medical staffing GrapeTree Medical Staffing at a glance 2019 completed 41,131 square feet Lorem ipsum dolor sit

CMBA Architects Crary Huff Law Firm Entry

Client / Crary Huff Law Firm

Crary Huff Law Firm Sioux City, IA client / crary huff law firm Crary Huff Law Firm at a glance 2017 completed 11,930 square feet