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CMBA Architects - Upward Thiking

Our Design Philosophy: An Upward Thinking Approach

At CMBA, we have a unique design philosophy called “Upward Thinking.” We begin by providing you with a solid foundation of knowledge and build up from there with innovative ideas and forward-thinking solutions.

Upward Thinking takes every project to the next level…and the next…and the next. Our goal is to reach a level of excellence far beyond your expectations.



First, we listen.® We ask questions and really listen to your answers. We look at possibilities and share them with you. We learn all we can about you and your business, starting with your basic needs and desires, working our way up to your goals and dreams – and most importantly, earn your trust.

This is where we also research site limitations, zoning requirements, code restrictions and utility availability. After we’re done with our exploration phase, we compile a project summary of current and future space needs.

CMBA Architects - Our Process - Inspire


The fun begins. With an approved project summary, our architects can begin creating inspired concepts for your building design. Our team works together internally to jury, choose and combine our best ideas.

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Once the initial design is approved, CMBA Architects looks forward to collaborating with the variety of people involved in the project. This includes anything from presenting the design to a board room or to a meeting with key personnel about the building’s functionality.

We also work with interior designers, landscape architects, engineers and specialty consultants. Along the way, we encourage each collaborative member to apply “Upward Thinking” to their part of the process.

CMBA Architects - Our Process - Integrate


We’ve gathered the input, information, ideas, regulations and rules from experts throughout the building process. Now it’s up to us to integrate the information into the final design and construction documents.



When the construction phase begins, our job doesn’t end. We take bids, prepare contracts, review bonds, pay requests, observe construction and consult with your contractor all the way to the very last nail. We believe a commitment to Upward Thinking pays off in every little detail.