March 5, 2020

Our Philosophy on Designing for Safety in K12 Schools

Our Philosophy on Designing for Safety in K12 Schools

When we get the opportunity to design a K12 school, we believe we have a responsibility not only to design a beautiful, functional learning environment. But also one that encourages the safety of students and staff. Here are some things we do to ensure we do our part.

Listening to Student Concerns

Creating a safe campus begins with listening to students. When designing for safety, we not only design to keep students safe from intruders and other students who wish to do them harm, but also to set students up for success by eliminating spaces that can serve to tempt them to engage in self-destructive behavior.
Because bullying is a huge concern of students and administrators, we consider design tactics that reduce bullying. This often takes the form of clear lines of sight within hallways, cafeterias, and other communal spaces in your facility.

Collaboration From the Beginning

No one knows a school like its administrators and faculty. That’s why CMBA Architects puts an emphasis on collaboration throughout the entire design process.
Whether we’re designing a new school or renovating an existing one, we like to discuss concerns with administrators. We also take into account the concerns and perspectives of parents and students, while sharing the insights we’ve gathered from our work on similar projects. By approaching a project with different perspectives, we can arrive at the best solution for designing a safe and secure school.

Our Approach to Safety

We believe that well designed K12 architecture has the power to create much safer campus environments for everyone. We can’t solve all of a school’s safety problems. But smartly designed architecture will consider the reality of certain dangers and make safety the path of least resistance.
If you’re interested in learning more about how we can design safety into your school project, we’d love to speak with you. Get in touch and let us answer any questions you have.

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