Cannon Moss Brygger Architects (CMBA) Receives Ripple Award

The Sioux City Growth Organization (SCGO) recently presented Cannon Moss Brygger Architects (CMBA) with the 2013 Business Ripple Award, for their commitment to making a difference in the community. The award was presented to CMBA at the 3rd Annual Young Professionals (YP) Day on Monday, September 30th.

The panel praised CMBA for their commitment to:

  • Community Service. Involvement in over 30 local organizations
  • Developing Young Professionals. CMBA brought multiple professionals to the Siouxland area and recently named 3 new young partners
  • Contributing to Our Built Environment. CMBA has a long, influential history in the community; designing a number of Siouxland landmarks
  • Community Enhancement. CMBA has purchased office space in the downtown areas of Sioux City and Spencer, Iowa; and Grand Island, Nebraska. Their Sioux City office space was recognized by 1000 Friends of Iowa as the 2011 Best Mixed Use Development award winner.

Another key area that impressed the panel, was CMBA’s commitment to their employees and their internal culture. CMBA conducts an annual employee satisfaction survey and has seen very positive results. Among the results, some of the key highlights that were noted to the panel were: 100% of CMBA employees are satisfied working at CMBA; 100% agree that morale at CMBA is high; 100% feel it is easy to get along with colleagues; and 100% feel valued as an employee of CMBA.

The Ripple Awards were established by SCGO to recognize young professionals that make a difference in Sioux City and surrounding communities, and to recognize a business that supports young professionals making a difference.

SCGO was formed in 2002 to encourage young professionals to become active members in the Siouxland community. The organization encourages progressive and innovative ideas and brings together voices from all generations to create a positive impact on the future of this community.