June 29, 2016

Meet Brad

Meet Brad

Brad Kissler is a Principal Architect and a member of CMBA’s Board of Directors. Brad has worked for our Grand Island office for over 25 years.
Brad’s main focus had always been his passion for design and career as an Architect – until he met his wife, Stephanie.

He and his wife tried for a number of years to become parents, but they were not blessed in that way. This was painful for Brad and Stephanie, but finally a door opened. They adopted a little girl from a troubled situation. Elsie has blessed Brad’s life beyond anything he could have possibly imagined. You just have to look at a picture of Brad with his daughter to know this is true.

Elsie’s going to have a good life, and have a chance to do great things because Brad and Stephanie loved her enough to say yes. Brad changed Elsie’s life, but Elsie has changed Brad’s more. When we asked Brad if we could share his story, this is what he said:

“We have learned so much and obviously have been truly blessed. I will admit I had doubts of God’s plan for us but should have had faith that there was a reason and a better option in mind for us. This whole journey in adoption has redefined my journey in faith.”

Brad and Stephanie have recently taken on a new challenge – they are now foster parents and caring for another child.

For all of us that work with Brad, or know Brad on a personal level, it is easy to see why Brad Kissler is our CMBA Champion!

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