Architecture’s Pivotal Role in the Future of K12

The world of education is changing more quickly than ever before. And it’s important that we, as architects and designers, pay attention. The two key developments that are effectively changing the traditional design of K-12 schools are the evolution of educational approaches, and as you might imagine in today’s world, security. Here’s how architecture can…[Read More]

What Psychological Impacts Does Campus Design Have on College Students?

The interior design of buildings on campus has meaningful impact on everyone. Whether or not it’s a positive experience depends greatly on the quality of the decisions you make. Poorly thought-out projects will negatively affect the lives of students for a long time. And since many college students spend a large portion of their days…[Read More]

Designing an Attractive “Campus Life”

If you’ve spent any amount of time on a well-designed university campus, then you understand the importance of architecture when it comes to influencing higher education. Not only can architecture inspire imagination and creativity, but it can unite students, educators, and the community. Campus life is now becoming increasingly important as institutions of higher education…[Read More]

Designing Sustainable, Healthy, and Profitable Office Buildings

One of our primary responsibilities as architects is understanding people’s needs. When it comes to office design, that means the health, sustainability, and profitability of a building’s design. We know there might be new best practices that emerge as we continue through this COVID-19 pandemic, but we’d like to cover some key strategies that we…[Read More]

We Believe that Listening Leads to Better K12 Architecture. Here’s Why.

K12 Schools often share many characteristics. But their needs are far from identical. As rudimentary as it seems, we think that investing the time to actually listen to a school’s students, staff, and community makes the difference–at least in part–between a wildly successful project and disappointment. Because of this, we make listening a priority at…[Read More]