Designing an Immersive College Learning Environment

Immersive college learning environments are now understood in a virtual sense, so predominantly that they have a commonly recognized abbreviation: ILEs. The increasing prevalence and viability of virtual immersive learning environments has given rise to studies about the value of immersion to education that did not exist before. What is an ILE? ILE stands for […]

Our Take on what Hybrid Learning Means for the Future of Higher Education

Will online learning become a staple for America’s colleges and universities, even after the coronavirus subsides? And if it does, what will that mean for existing and future buildings on campuses across the country? These have become fundamental—even existential—questions that many of our higher ed clients are pondering. Of course, online learning is not expected […]

Tips from CMBA for More Exciting Learning Spaces

School should not be boring – it should inspire curiosity, creativity and innovation. It is important that the school building itself facilitates that aim fully. Yet, all too often school buildings are boring, drab, lifeless spaces – leaving students with the wrong impression of what “school” is really all about. This is especially true of older […]

Acoustic Considerations for K12 Schools

Communication is a predominant component of classroom learning. The ability to recognize spoken word is, unsurprisingly, critical for the cognitive process. But what does that have to do with the design of your school? Studies consistently reveal that student retention and performance rank higher in an academic setting that minimizes background noise and reverberation. Programs […]

Advice from CMBA to Design Safer K12 Schools

At CMBA, we believe we have a responsibility to create safe K12 designs. Architecture and design have a critical role to play in crafting K12 schools that simultaneously promote engaged learning and student safety. During an age in which stories of bullying, school shootings, and mental health concerns are all too common, this is more […]

Our Approach to Surge Capacity in Healthcare Design

The U.S. healthcare system has been on our mind a lot at CMBA as it is undergoing considerable stress due to an influx of patients infected with the novel coronavirus. We believe that part of the longer-term answer lies not just with traditional health providers, but in the potential of our cities and communities to […]

What Can Healthcare Organizations Learn From COVID-19?

Most hospitals weren’t prepared to treat the sudden surge in very sick, contagious COVID-19 patients. Most notably, they were not ready to instantly isolate possible coronavirus carriers. Most beds, general hospital rooms and surgical suites couldn’t be quickly converted into temporary intensive-care unit beds. The number of existing ICU beds, like hospital beds generally, have […]

Visual Communication: A Critical Element of Your Back-to-School Plan

As K12 schools plan for classes this fall — online, in classrooms, or a hybrid of both — those that opt for some form of in-person instruction will need to deliver it safely. In order to do that, schools will need to follow health guidelines and communicate information effectively and clearly through signage and other […]

What the Shift to Virtual Learning Could Mean for the Future of K12 Design

COVID-19 is transforming many aspects of life, and education is no exception. Right now, the Coronavirus pandemic is causing unexpected global experimentation with K12 remote learning. As crisis-driven “experiments” begin launching, we should be collecting data and paying attention to the affect on students, teachers, and even the parents. Do Students Really Need Physical Schools? […]

Re-Imagining Healthcare Design After COVID-19

While we can’t know for certain what healthcare in the U.S. will look like in the future, those of us in healthcare design are in a unique position to both watch and guide our clients towards possible solutions to changes as they happen. Here are some areas where we see change coming… Better Infection Prevention […]