The United Way, in the United States, from the United Building…

As I write this, my youngest son registered to vote, I heard the casualty count from Afghanistan on the early morning news, and the Memorial Day weekend is a recent memory.  Cliches often sound trite, but one that never does is “Freedom Isn’t Free.”

Most of us have never served in the military, but reap the blessings of living in great Midwestern communities, and yet, in spite of all our current problems, we still live in the greatest nation on earth. Being involved in our communities is a high priority for CMBA. We support it financially, we support it with our time, and we make it a constant point of emphasis with our employees.  I like to think being involved is part of our DNA as a company. Last year the Sioux City Growth Organization (Sioux City GO), the local young professionals group, gave CMBA Siouxland’s Ripple Award. This was in part due to our community commitment.

Recently CMBA Sioux City was honored for being one of United Way of Siouxland’s top 30 campaigns.  My wife, Rhonda, and I chaired a recent campaign, and I’m scheduled to chair the United Way Board beginning in July.

At times, most of us have been affected by the economy. We may have passed up a vacation, that big screen T.V. or even dinner out when finances are tight.  There are many in our communities whose existence is far more fragile. They don’t dream about flat screens or vacations.  I’m convinced that for those people, United Way is making a big impact. By focusing on the health and education of children, and the self-sufficiency and well being of families, I believe this has a lasting impact.

The great thing about our country is historically we have pulled together in our greatest time of need. We are after all the United States. I’m challenging everyone at CMBA and every one of our friends to pull together and support the United Way in our communities.

As friends of CMBA, I’d encourage you to set high goals to make a lasting impact on the health, education, and self-sufficiency of those most affected in our communities by our current economic hardships. Let’s Unite!