Survey Says…

Ok, I know I’m dating myself, but does anybody remember that catch phrase so commonly stated by Richard Dawson on the game show Family Feud?

Well the survey, actually surveys are in at CMBA. Surveys for us are a snapshot, a picture in time. We use them to find out how were doing; more importantly, how we could be doing better.

CMBA does an annual employee survey. We strive to be a great employer. So much of your life is spent at work. It’s important to have enjoyment and purpose in your work. We have a creative, collaborative team filled with passionate people. Don’t be misguided though, we also like to have fun. Have I ever told you my nickname? Todd Moss, A.K.A. “King of Fun.” There may be a few photos that I hope never appear on Facebook.

Our employees give us good marks, but we are always anxious to hear new ideas on how we can help them, how we can improve as a company and as an employer. Of course, you can imagine we do not implement all ideas. For example, we will not be having shorts and flip-flop Fridays anytime soon. Many great ideas have been initiated by asking our employees.

Our second survey is a bi-annual management survey. It’s important with three separate offices that we are united in our direction. We are, but the long and continuous road to excellence requires us to occasionally check the road map.

Our third, and most important survey is the one our clients complete. Thanks for all who participated this year, we had a great response. We do this survey biannually, mainly because many of our clients are repeat clients, and we want to be respectful of their time.

The results? We were very pleased with the results, although we didn’t conduct the survey to brag. The results are like my GPS, they assure us we are on the right road, and tell us when we need to make corrections.

What Did We Learn?

  •     All of the respondents would both hire us again and would recommend us.
  •     The attributes our clients valued most in CMBA were: listening skills, honesty, professionalism, responsiveness and creativity.
  •     While it’s no surprise, some of the most important issues to our clients are: schedules, budgets and updates during construction.

We are happy we have served our clients well in the past, but we are anxious to serve you better right now – as well as in the future.