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3 Mistakes to Avoid in Healthcare Design

It’s good to stay up-to-date with the latest in healthcare design. So let’s go back to basics & cover 3 mistakes to avoid in your healthcare architecture.

Building Collaborative Office Spaces Like Google

What do free meals, slides in place of stairs, on-site fitness centers, and Lego stations all have in common? They all come with being a Google employee.

The Pivotal Role of Architecture in the Future of K12

Many schools today are decades old and haven’t undergone a major redesign since they were originally built. A lot has changed since then.

Designing to Recruit Top Talent

Did you know that the current national unemployment rate is 3.6 percent, with our region averaging only 2.5 percent? The last time it was this low was1969!

Are Community Colleges the Next Frontier for Bold Architecture?

A core aspect of advancing our country’s higher education system is improving the community college experience for students.

First Impressions are Everything: Lobbies that Educate, Engage and Support

Noisy, featureless waiting rooms are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Healthcare organizations continually work to improve their patient experience.

Designing Social Architecture

Refining architecture of workspaces isn’t a cure-all for being disconnected, but, designing more socially conscious architecture will make an impact.

Does Design Really Matter in K12 Spaces?

What does your school look like? And how engaged are your students? Does design really matter in K12 schools? Does it make a change in learning?

Bringing Rural Healthcare to the 21st Century

Often times the spotlight healthcare is pointed toward larger urban facilities while rural facilities are left in the dust. It’s important that they’re not.

Why Higher Ed Should Consider Active Design.

How can you encourage students to take the stairs instead of the elevator? Or to walk to class instead of driving? Active design may just be the answer!

Does Architecture Affect Your Quality of Life?

You probably spend most of your day in or around buildings. But have you considered how these buildings are actively affecting your quality of life?

Is Natural Light Really That Important?

Businesses aren’t the only ones benefiting from natural light. Colleges & universities are seeing increased performance when designing with natural light.

How School Architecture Affects K12 Student Productivity

When thinking about ways to improve student & staff productivity in a school, could there be a layer that isn’t as apparent?

Can Timber Make a Comeback?

Wood might just turn out to be the building material of choice in the future. And that has us pondering “what if.” Of course, timber has been around for a long time. But with recent advancements in materials, it now has potential for a comeback!

Designing for Introverts & Extraverts

How can we improve the architecture of our workplaces to address the unique set of needs for both introverts and extroverts?

When Quick Has a Downside

Are there any problems with fast tracking the design process? Does quick have a downside when planning a building? Let’s take a closer look at the question.