Quick Tips for Designing Wellness Spaces

Wellness spaces aren’t new. But they have become a growing trend in recent workplace design. Beyond a fitness area or gym, these trendier spaces usually offer unexpected features that elevate them from the federally mandated minimum. Showing dedication to human-centric design. But trendy wellness spaces are more than just for show. Whether it’s workplace stressors…[Read More]

Prioritizing Staff Satisfaction in Healthcare Architecture

Healthcare faces an epidemic of stressed and burned-out staff–something we’ve discussed before on our blog. But today we’ll take a look at this problem in light of recent changes in corporate America. Their shift to customizable workplaces which popularized sit-to-stand desks, focus rooms, and collaboration lounges can be adapted to healthcare. Empowering staff to tailor their…[Read More]

Our Take on Designing for Active Learning on Campus

It’s pretty clear to us that the spaces around us influence our state of mind and body. Architecture has the power to induce tension or relaxation, encourage social interaction or solitary activity, and even help focus our concentration and discipline. And it’s these understandings that are driving trends towards active learning environments; with 73% of…[Read More]

Incorporating Wayfinding Concepts into Your Healthcare Facility

Being lost or disoriented in any building is never a pleasant experience. Especially when you’re already in a situation that’s prone to anxiety such as a visit to the hospital. The frustration of getting lost is ranked among the top complaints by visitors to healthcare facilities. And it’s no wonder why. Initially, they’ll blame themselves…[Read More]