I Miss Drawing!

That may be a surprising statement coming from an architect. I’m helping a client and had to dig in our archives for a project I did in the late ‘80s. It seems like yesterday, but I was a lot younger then. I was shocked to see I drew the project by hand.

To my great surprise, I found in the drawer four or five projects drawn by patriarch’s of our firm. These were beautifully drawn and were from the 1920s.

One was by William Steele. Steele is a regionally famous architect from the early 20th century. The project was a garage for a locally prominent fur retailer named Williges. It was a bygone era where a garage, and the drawing used to create it, both were works of art.

I’m so inspired to have a session with our young staff to show them how we used to draw, the materials we drew on, and the media we used – “back in the day.”

Don’t get me wrong; it would be a fun time to be a young architect; to create 3D virtual reality fly-overs and walk-throughs quicker than we could cut off a finger building a cardboard model.

It’s hard not to be nostalgic though, and miss those days when we created drawings with our hands suitable for framing. Okay, maybe I’m romanticizing a bit, but I think when I retire from this architecture business, I might take up drawing again.