I like to have choices. When I go to a restaurant I never like everything on the menu. I’m happy if my choice is made difficult by 3 or 4 items that all look good. In some of my favorite restaurants I imagine the chef experimented with numerous subtle variations to the recipe before he perfected it into the unique and savory dish on the menu.

The stakes in architectural design are much, much higher than they are with ordering an entrée. The costs are much higher and the results have a much bigger and more permanent impact. Why wouldn’t you want to study options, improve the product and look at choices?

One of the ways we do that at CMBA is through design charettes. Charettes are brief, intense, focused, individual or collaborative design studies. Rather than engage one architect in your building design. We engage multiple. The final design may be from one of those individuals or groups, but more often than not, they are a hybrid of multiple ideas. You, the owner, are commonly part of the collaborative effort – in other words, you have choices.

Recently, CMBA conducted charettes for several schools in the Grand Island Community School District. These concepts were developed collaboratively across our three office locations – giving the School District a variety of choices.

If you are looking for some good entrees in the Sioux City, Iowa area, a few good options would be: Rebos, Minervas, Luciano’s, Clyde’s, Kahill’s or Eldon’s.

If you are looking for good design, where the team is always trying to perfect the recipe and you have choices, I would recommend CMBA in Grand Island, Sioux City or Spencer.