My youngest son just completed his freshman year in college. I’ve been talking to him lately about his “calling” – where his interests, his passions, his skills and his talents meet.

Calling is a concept I used to think was for ministers or missionaries who heard that road to Damascus voice of God. Reflecting back, I’ve come to believe all of us have a calling, an area where we are best equipped to serve.

I’m pretty sure I’m not called to be a musician. My apologies to my middle school band director when we finished a measure before the rest of the school bands. Oh yes, and my apology to the lady in the third row, the base drum mallet slipped out of my hand. Singing wasn’t much better…at least I’m not asked to lip sync at church anymore, now that my kids are out of the house.

As I think back, I do believe too many things aligned for me to be anything but an architect.

Architecture is my passion. Creating buildings that help people have a better classroom, a more inspiring church, a more healing hospital environment, a more sustainable office, or a more livable neighborhood is what I love to do. It’s where my passions, experiences and gifts enable me best to serve.

As I visit our three offices, I see a staff of over 40 people whose work is a passion more than just a paycheck. People who believe that we’ve been “called” to serve you.