Architecture is Serious Business!

Architecture is serious business! The truth is “Architects just want to have fun!” Can you hear the remake of the 80’s Cyndi Lauper song in your head like I can right now?

Architecture IS serious business. The product of our service is a big, long-term investment, which makes a huge impact on both our clients and society. Our work can be fast-paced, successful and consuming. We are a passionate, driven bunch at CMBA.

We also recognize that to be successful we need to collaborate well with our team, and keep our work fresh and fun.

There are many things we do here at CMBA to make our work and our workplace great. One of them is our monthly contests and events. These include things like: building bridges out of straws, pumpkin carving contests, or egg drop competitions. We are a highly competitive bunch. I don’t want to do too much trash talking, but you do not want to mess with us when it comes to building straw bridges or egg drop contraptions. The recent Sioux City egg drop contest ended in a five-way tie. Five of the eggs failed to do a “humpty dumpty” imitation after being thrown from the roof of our 6-story building (it’s not bragging, if it’s true).

Building our team is a key ingredient to successfully serving you on your important building project. Recently ZweigWhite, the preeminent business consulting company to the architecture and engineering industry, named CMBA one of the “Best Firms to Work For;” number six in North America in the Architectural category. Our selection was based on a review of our practices, benefits, policies and surveys of many of our staff.

While were proud of this award, it motivates us to continue to earn it everyday. Both for the benefit of the great team that makes CMBA, and for our clients who reap the benefits of an engaged, inspired and motivated design team.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready for the annual CMBA golf outing and barbecue.