A Change of Seasons

What great weather we’ve had recently. Is spring really here?

About 3 months ago we had a change of season at CMBA. I stepped down as CEO and handed the baton to Brian. I’m still here, working less and in a supporting role doing the things I love to do.

Though it was planned for a while, and it was my idea, change is difficult and I’m still adjusting.

Having led the firm for some time, I think there is always some fear both internally and externally about change. While we are not far into this new season, I think those fears are gone. Brian is doing a great job. I already see him putting his own fingerprints on the firm with some new ideas. No one is bigger than the team; I just hope they don’t figure out they don’t need me.

You know the seasons change four times per year. I’ve experienced 54 years worth. We shouldn’t be too surprised when seasons change and life goes on. CMBA has been around since 1912; that’s a lot of seasons. While Brian’s just beginning his “season” here at CMBA, I’m sure he’s learned from me – and from my predecessor, Jim Brygger. I bet he’s planning and mentoring a team for the next “season.”