I know I’m a leader because my 8th grade teacher told me I was. It’s true. He pulled me out in the hall one day, got real close, looked me in the eye, and said “Moss, you’re a leader (…pause…), and you had better stop leading that little band of outlaws from disrupting my class.”…[Read More]


As I write this, I’m preparing to visit my youngest son who just moved to the Washington DC area. We’ll celebrate the 4th with some baseball, fireworks, and maybe even a slice of apple pie (and yes he drives a Chevrolet for those of you that remember that old ad campaign). I just heard on…[Read More]

Risk & Reward

I’m a golfer (not a very good one mind you), but I hope you non-golfers can understand this analogy. It’s the 18th hole, your one stroke behind your best buddy, and you’ve bet a beverage on this game (it’s a large mind you). Do you take that risky shot over the water, or do you…[Read More]

Building a Home

I’m designing a house. It might surprise you that I’ve designed very few. For various reasons, I’ve focused my career on Healthcare, Education and Municipal buildings. In January I stepped back as CEO, and when a friend inquired about helping with his house, for the first time in 25 years I didn’t immediately say “no.”…[Read More]

Built to Last

On a trip to Italy a few years ago I was amazed at the permanence of some of their structures. I didn’t realize some of the same city walls that Peter and Paul walked through are still there – 2,000 years later! Did you know the reason the famous Colosseum looks like a ruin is…[Read More]

A Change of Seasons

What great weather we’ve had recently. Is spring really here? About 3 months ago we had a change of season at CMBA. I stepped down as CEO and handed the baton to Brian. I’m still here, working less and in a supporting role doing the things I love to do. Though it was planned for…[Read More]

I Miss Drawing!

That may be a surprising statement coming from an architect. I’m helping a client and had to dig in our archives for a project I did in the late ‘80s. It seems like yesterday, but I was a lot younger then. I was shocked to see I drew the project by hand. To my great…[Read More]


I like to have choices. When I go to a restaurant I never like everything on the menu. I’m happy if my choice is made difficult by 3 or 4 items that all look good. In some of my favorite restaurants I imagine the chef experimented with numerous subtle variations to the recipe before he…[Read More]