Changes in Education

With changes in education and how students learn today, school districts need to consider if their spaces are flexible for learning, just as they consider curriculum and teaching methods. Years ago, we sat in assigned seats in assigned rows. We listened to the teacher lecture, took notes and studied for the test. We went to…[Read More]

MRI Essentials

  There are five key issues that are essential to consider in the location of an MRI. Ignoring some of the basic issues can cause headaches later. 1. Delivery Path A large crane will be used to lift the MRI unit from a truck, so the site needs to have space to accommodate maneuvering space…[Read More]

Student-Centered Spaces

As educators, student outcomes and their learning achievements are the most important indicator of success. Unfortunately, facility design – which has a significant impact on learning – can often be an afterthought. Spaces are now, more than ever, being designed with the students in mind. Flexible furniture and seating options are replacing the traditional sea…[Read More]

The Power of an Image

It’s true, a picture can be worth a thousand words, but those “words” can hurt you or help you when it comes to bond referendums and informing your community. At CMBA, we are involved in numerous bond referendums each year. With each one of these elections, we discuss what kinds of images and drawings to…[Read More]

Human Design in Hospitals

Hospitals are certainly one of the most complex building types that architects design. Not many other buildings house life and death situations on a daily basis. Yet the technical design issues should not foreshadow the human design issues. People come to hospitals to cherish the beginning of life and deal with the end of life. …[Read More]

5 Hot Tips for Your Food Venue

What makes one food venue popular, while another struggles to attract students? 2015 marked the first year consumers spent more dining out than buying groceries.  Certainly college students are part of that trend, whether as part of a family or while in school. Let’s examine five tips to attract students to your food venue. 1….[Read More]